Thanks to Claire I found out Vanessa is scheduled to perform for the “Jefferson County Fair” in Jefferson County Park in Jefferson, Wisconsin. Click here for more info on the event. Maybe she might perform some new music! If anyone goes be sure to tell me :D

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As we all know Vanessa Carlton reccently headlined Nashville Pride festival at Riverfront Park on June 19th. The festival was a celebrate for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender Community. After performing her new song “I Don’t Wanna Be a Bride.” Vanessa Came out saying she was a Bi Sexual. Heres a video of V performing “Who’s to Say” and Coming out. I love her no matter what.

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Vanessa Performed a new song called “I Don’t Wanna Be a Bride” at the River Front Park Nashville Pride on June 19th, 2010. This song is so amazing. It just gets us more excited for the new album.

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Vanessa just posted a tweet talking about her last song in the studio as well as a short interview with Front Row Tally. You can read the tweet below and check out the interview here. Guys, if you want a lil snippet of goodness u could go to Front Row Tally. I simply must brag because my hetero-life partner is one of the masterminds behind the loveliness. Btw, I finally

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Vanessa Just tweeted about recording background vocals for a new song called “moneymaker” Will this be the first single Only time will tell. You can read the tweet belowabout to sing more background vocals on a song called moneymaker….in the english countryside side…birds just stopped there songs as the sun has fallen below the horizon line…..just a we orange glow in the trees. i see cows lounging on their green

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Vanessa posted a blog on her Facebook talking about the new album. The title of the album was changed from “Tall tales for Spring” to “Rabbits On the Run”. With this said there is no official release date for the record. She also stated that she is still recording music and is going to London to record strings for the album. Hey great music takes time and hopefully there are

May 9th, 2010  No Comments Uncategorized posted an article about Vanessa stating that she was bit in the leg by a pit bull while visiting her parents in her home town. You can read the article belowSinger Vanessa Carlton was attacked by a dog while she was out jogging in her home town!Her father, Ed Carlton, explained that his neighbor’s pit bull, Bella, got past their electrified fence and bit her leg! She went to

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