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– Born in Milford Pennsylvania
– Attended a prestigious ballet school at age 14
– Vanessa quit ballet school at age 17
– Vanessa attended Columbia University in New York then quit
– Vanessa worked as a waiter at legendary village club “The Bitter End” in New York
– Vanessas Single “A Thousand Miles” hit #1 in charts around the world the first week of it’s release
– Born on August 16th, 1980
– Lives in Nolita, New York
– Her mom taught her piano
– Her mom sold piano’s for a living
– The song “Ordinary Day” was one of the first songs Vanessa ever wrote.
– Her father was an amateur fiddler
– Was 21 when was clearly known in the music industry
– At age 9 Vanessa had an unpaid job shoveling manure, she only did it because she loved horses.
– Vanessa lived in San Fransisco for sometime.
– Her time in San Fransisco inspired her to write her song “San Fransisco”
– Designed a clothing line called “So Girl” at Kohl’s
– Her song “Annie”was written about a girl, Victoria, who had leukemia
– Before becoming famous Vanessa worked as a waitress in lower Manhattan

– Favorite drink is Vodka with raspberrys
– Vanessa owns 2 dogs named Maggie and Lord Victor
– Is of Russian and Scandinavian descent
– Vanessa is lactose intolerant
– Vanessa would rather walk then drive
– Vanessa is attracted to vampires and lumber jacks

– The song “Wanted” was written about a guy she fell for, in New York, who was “ken-like”, it turns out he only liked her because she played piano so well.
– The song “Annie” is written about a girl named “Victoria” who Vanessa had met a few years ago.
– Her first recorded album was not released (“Rinse”), but was the tracks we reworked for her debut album, “Be Not Nobody”
– The title for Vanessa’s first album “Be Not Nobody” was inspired by a dream she had
– Unreleased songs became internet bootlegs such as “All I Ask,” and “Superhero”
– Vanessa’s song, “Dark Carnival” is used for the 2003 Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox and PC game Spy Hunter 2
– In 2003, she received Grammy Award nominations for “Record of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, and “Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)” for “A Thousand Miles”
– Collaborated with Zucchero, along with Haylie Ecker on violin, for the song “Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime”
– Began recording “Harmonium” Skywalker Ranch near San Francisco
– On tour with Stevie Nicks, she premiered the songs “Best Behavior” and “All Is Well”

About Vanessa

Vanessa Lee Carlton (born August 16, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. At the completion of her education at the School of American Ballet, Carlton chose to pursue singing instead, performing in New York bars and clubs while attending university. Three months after recording a demo with producer Peter Zizzo, she signed with A&M Records.

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Current Work

5th Studio Album
Status: Recording
Release: Unknown

Rabbits On the Run
Status: Available Now
Release: July 26, 2011

Carousel Single
Status: Available now
Release: May 3, 2011

2013 Fall Tour
Status: Pre Production
Release: October 2013

Stevie’s Message

On July 8th, 2011 we met Stevie Nicks at Vanessa's show in LA. She personally signed this to the fans of V-Carlton.net!

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